International ongoing systematic studies on intermediate & advanced level by well known advanced and senior teachers. 


Ongoing systematic studies on intermediate level (Iyengar System Level 2) and on advanced level (Iyengar System Level 3) cover the practise of asanas, pranayama, philosophy, dharana (concentration), and dhyana (meditation).

Apart from preparing for assessment with an Iyengar Yoga Association, LOY offers 3 different systematic ways for ongoing studies and extra qualifications. 

Art: Asanas, Pranayama in combination with philosophy
Science: Healths aspects, remedial/therapeutic work, studies 
Comparative Philosophy: e.g. Eastern, Western philosophy referring to yoga and its subjects

All Studies complete with a LightOnYoga Diploma

Our Classes

Ongoing systematic studies

Rita Keller – IOSS – Pregnancy & Postpartum
Multi Date Event
Virtual Event

Rita Keller – IOSS – Pregnancy & Postpartum

Price Starts from: 119,00 

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